Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Down loadable Activities


Want to keep enjoying Brett's Shows long after the performance is finished? These are activities Brett teaches during his shows. "Don't try this at home!" is what most performers say during their performances, but Brett encourages children to learn magic and science experiments.



Amazing Tricks You Can Do

This thirty page magic book is full of illustrated magic tricks that children can do using objects found around the house.

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Motivational Magic

During Brett's show Motivational Magic, he teaches children how to perform magic tricks. Even though these tricks are good enough to fool adults, they take preparation rather than practice, so children can perform them right away.

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Dr. Flake-N-Stein's Experiments

These science experiments are easy to do and use things found around the house. You wont find any harsh chemicals or dangerous equipment in these experiments, just fun.

Download Flakenstein Experiments



Bubble Play

Here are some bubble tools and a recipe for bubble fluid that you can try at home.

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Christmas Magic You Can Do

Five magic tricks you can do using things found around the house during Christmas time.

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