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Looking for ideas for a birthday party? Look no further. Brett’s job is to make your child feel special! Throughout the show, the birthday child will have several chances to prove herself as a master magician. Then, when Brett looks for someone who can do the grand finally, every child in the room will point to your child and say, “She can do it!” Brett Roberts make birthday kids look cool in front of their friends.


Or, if you are looking for something other than a magic show, there are several shows to choose from. Just go to the "Shows" page and show that your child would enjoy. There are bubble shows, magic shows and puppet shows all with different themes.


Happy Moms


"Thanks so much for the wonderful show! It was really beyond Fantastic! I heard so many positive comments from the parents and my friends on what a great show you performed. And, Angela really really enjoyed the show! We will definitely ask you to come and perform again in the future for more parties. Believe me, I am recommending you to any parent or my friends who are looking for a great show! Thanks again for the great service you provided and it was truly a pleasure meeting you (you're a fun guy and professional) and so smooth doing business with you."

Barbara Fiszer

Birthday Mom


"You were FANTASTIC! The consummate professional and entertainer!  My husband and I, as well as all the guests, were extremely pleased!!  I do not believe that I have ever seen my kids so happy and excited.  I think their little bodies were actually vibrating from the excitement. :)  Several of the kids told us that this was the best birthday party that they have ever been to - and I know it was certainly the best one we could have ever hoped to have had!  You brought such fun and joy to the event!  And I'm thrilled that my kids will always have such a wonderful memory... Thank you especially for all the ways that you made my kids feel special.  And thank you for finding a way to make every kid in the audience feel special as well.  Truly a gift!"

Shari Thompson

Birthday Mom






















Years of experience have made Brett an expert at birthday parties for kids. Even if you don’t invite him to perform for you, he still wants your party to be a fun and memorable experience. Every year he performs at hundreds of parties and he has noticed a few things that make events go smoothly. So, he has written an ebook full of ideas for parties. In it, you’ll learn twelve steps for putting a party together, fourteen fun birthday games, and a to-do list so you don’t forget anything. This book is yours for FREE. Just send Brett an email asking for it:


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