Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Christmas Shows

Jingle and Jolly’s Christmas Show


This show stars Jingle the Elf (Brett Roberts) and Jolly the Snowman (a costume character). Throughout the show Jingle will tell the kids about his responsibilities in Santa's workshop and during the grand finally, Jolly the Snowman comes out to help everyone sing a Christmas carol. Children will not only get to see the wonderful magical creations from the Santa's workshop, but they will be the ones that make the magic happen. Christmas is a time for children. That's why they are the stars of this show. The children will get to have a snowman race, decorate a tree and test all the zany inventions from in Santa’s workshop. Variety is a key element in this production. One moment children will be giggling along with a puppet routine and a couple of minutes later their jaws will drop while watching some amazing magic. This non-religious presentation focuses on fun.



• You get a two man show for the price of one. (You supply a volunteer to play the snowman.)

• Lots of audience participation

• This show encourages children to read: The Nutcracker, The Night Before Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, and A Christmas Carol.

• Brett will even stay thirty minutes after the show for pictures!



Christmas Bubble Show


Children love bubbles. Just blow a few bubbles for your children and watch how excited they get. Jingle the Elf will turn that excitement up to eleven by presenting a whole show full of bubble tricks. There will be bubbles inside bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles, and more. But this isn’t just a show to watch. The kids will get involved. Jingle will teach kids how to do their own bubble tricks with things they can find at home. Every other routine uses helpers, so there are lots of chances for kids to participate.



• Lots of audience participation

• Different shows designed to be performed inside or outside

• Indoor shows use mats to protect your floor

• Outdoor shows use environmentally safe bubble fluid to protect your grass.




Scrooge or Sunny the Surfing Snowman


These puppet comedians provide interactive entertainment for fairs, festivals and other events. These programs are family shows NOT just children’s shows. While, the humor in them is G rated, the interactive comedy is written for teens and adults as well as children. These shows have been presented at Six Flags Over Texas, Astroworld, The International Wildlife Park, The State Fair of Texas and many other fairs and festivals. For Christmas, Brett offers Ebenezer Scrooge or Sunny the Snowman.


• Fun for the whole family

• A large 6x8’ puppet stage and big puppets, so everyone can see

• Every routine has audience participation.


Christmas Puppet Show


If your children are younger, Brett offers a Christmas puppet show. This thirty-minute show is packed with puppets and slapstick silliness. Brett spent seven years teaching kindergarten, so he knows what makes young children laugh. Not only does this show have puppets but it has a few age appropriate magic tricks that are guaranteed to make kids smile. Each routine is only a few minutes long, so it’s fast paced and fun.



• This is a nonreligious program.

• This show was written for kids six and younger.

• Brett was trained under Jim Henson.