Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Colors of Kindness Show






















This color-themed magic show teaches good self-esteem. It shows children how not to be bullies. And it teaches tolerance. The show starts by introducing children to the book “RED: A Crayon’s Story.” The book inspires a fun and magical object lesson that tells kids they are special, just like they are. There is a hilarious red crayon puppet that kids will ask to see over and over again. Children will laugh out loud when they see a hilarious puppet routine that teaches good self-esteem. Brett will do a slapstick and silly broken crayon routine that he will use to talk about bullies and teach children what to do if they are bullied. Children will learn to do a magic trick using something they probably already have at home. There is a fantastic magic trick that gets the entire audience involved. Finally, Brett will do a magic trick based on the book “The Crayon Box That Talked,” and he will use it to teach a lesson on tolerance.