Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids


In Brett Roberts’ magic shows, he gets to combine the skills he has spent most of his life working on. First of all, Brett was an elementary teacher for seven years. He knows what kind of things are age appropriate and entertaining for different groups of kids. Children in different grade levels all have different things that they are impressed with. Younger children enjoy slapstick humor while older children enjoy more sophisticated magic. He also spent eight years running a magic shop. This is where he taught professional magicians how to perform the tricks they make a living with. Every week he would get new magic tricks to sell. When these tricks would come in, he would learn all the new, cutting edge magic. Brett’s skills as a teacher and a magician make this performance guaranteed fun.


These events were successful.

Yours will be too.













“Thank you for all your hard work! I can say that you know how to draw in a crowd, you work well with a crowd full of several different personalities, you always arrive on time, and you are always very positive. “

Kathleen Bartek

The State Fair of Texas











“I have used Brett for several Chuck E. Cheese's video productions and find him to be very capable, reliable and tremendously talented. In addition, Brett has a wonderful positive attitude that makes it nice to have him on the set. I would recommend him very highly for any work you may be considering.”

Jeremy Blaido

C. E. C. Entertainment, Inc.











“Brett, thanks for your efforts during Concerts in the Garden. You were quite a hit with the kids!”

David Hadlock

Fort Worth Symphony










“YOU ROCK! Thank you so much for helping us to make Santa’s Arrival such a success!

We truly appreciated all of your hard work!  It created a great experience for our shoppers!”

Karin Knape

Stonebriar Centre















"On behalf of the board of directors, and the animals, at the Fort Worth Zoo, we would like to thank you for providing such wonderful entertainment... We appreciate your continued support of the Fort Worth Zoo and look forward to working with you again soon!"

Ana Bargoth,

Fort Worth Zoo













“A wonderful job!  The girls got a huge kick out of Brett.  Thank you. He was very personable, friendly, funny, punctual, and very age appropriate! Please feel free to quote me in your advertising.”

Kim Roddy

Girl scouts. Service unit 154














“Thanks so much for a great performance and for adding such a theatrical touch to the party.  I've heard nothing but compliments and rave reviews for Scrooge's appearance.  Also, thanks for making it all so easy.  You're a nice guy.”

Mike Arthur

Coppell Theatre








“I recently had the pleasure of working with Brett Roberts on a national commercial spot for the Department of Energy. Brett was part of the local puppeteer crew that helped us perform various “pig” puppets known as the “Hog Commandoes”. Brett’s performance played a key role in pulling off some of the more difficult shots in the commercial. I would recommend Brett Roberts to anyone who is seeking a top puppeteer talent.” 

Doug Hudson

Animal Makers, Inc.