Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Fair and Festival Shows


Do you have a children’s stage you’d like to fill with a variety of acts at a reasonable price? Brett has three different shows he can perform for your event. He has a Magic Show, a Bubble Show and an Interactive Puppet Show. Each show is fifteen minutes long and is performed by a professional who has spent his career performing at theme parks, fairs and festivals. You can book one, two, or all three shows on the same day.


“Thank you for all your hard work! I can say that you know how to draw in a crowd, you work well with a crowd full of several different personalities, you always arrive on time, and you are always very positive. “

Kathleen Bartek

The State Fair of Texas


Magic Show


Want to have some fun? This is the place to look! This wild and fast paced magic show is guaranteed to keep everyone laughing.  Slapstick magic is what this show is all about. This show is performed regularly a Great Wolf Lodge and the State Fair of Texas because they know how to have fun. But kids won’t just sit back and laugh. They will get involved. This performance is packed full of audience participation and, while some magicians make volunteers look foolish, Brett makes his helpers the stars of the show. There are lots of chances for kids to help. In fact, the grand finally has a stage full of helpers.


• Children are the stars of the show.

• There is LOTS of audience participation.

• Perfect for elementary aged children.

• The focus is on fun.




Bubble Show


Children love bubbles. Just blow a few bubbles for your children and watch how excited they get. Brett will turn that excitement up to eleven by presenting a whole show full of bubble tricks. But this isn’t just a show to watch. Brett will shower the children with bubbles as well as get them involved bubble tricks and routines. And, for the grand finally, he will make a bubble larger than the children have ever seen.


• Large mats are used to protect the stage area.

• Children will get involved in the routines.

• There a large variety of different kinds of bubbles.

• This show is guaranteed to have a large crowd.




Interactive Puppet Shows


Children just sit and watch most puppet shows, but everyone will get involved in this performance. This presentation is full of games and routines that get the whole audience will participate in. This show has a long history. It’s been performed at the Fort Worth Zoo, Six Flags over Texas, The International Wildlife park and many other festivals and events. It has the flexibility of either being a children’s show, or if there are mostly adults in the audience, the puppet can become a stand up comedian presenting “G” rated material everyone can enjoy. There are several puppet characters to choose from, so you can find one that fits your event.


• Lots of audience participation.

• A flexible script to entertain everyone.

• Fun characters to fit specific events.


“This letter is to thank you for the wonderful show you provided at our -Kids at Heart – Texas! event. I was able to speak with a few children in attendance who were thrilled and amazed by your abilities. They believed you were the “coolest” part of the whole event. Forget the bounce houses, games and candy! We appreciated your professionalism and are so very glad you were able to accommodate our request to stay an extra hour to continue entertaining the children...”

Courtney Lewis

Kids at Heart – Texas!





Shows are performed on the hour and the half hour. So a show schedule might be 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, etc. And, you can pick and choose the shows you want and show order. Brett can perform all three shows at the same event, two shows, or one show.


1-2 shows within an hour are $250


3-4 shows within two hours are $350


5-6 shows within three hours are $450


7-8 shows within four hours are $550


9-10 shows within five hours are $650


11-12 shows within six hours are $750



Special Requirements


1. Access to electricity

2. Parking near the event

3. Brett can’t change costumes between shows.

4. A stage with a back or one against a wall (This controls wind for the Bubble Show and hides the puppeteer.)

5. If Brett has to strike the stage and then reset it, pricing goes back to 1-2 shows pricing.

6. In case of cancellation due to bad weather the employer must pay contract in full.