Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Halloween Shows

Dr. Flake-n-stein's Magic Laboratory

Dr. Flake-n-stein's Magic Laboratory combines magic and science experiments. This highly interactive show lets children participate in magic tricks, and they will also help with real science experiments. These experiments are all safe to do at home. So, children will be encouraged to try the experiments well after the show is over. This show is forty-five minutes long.

Renfield the Bat

Renfield performs in a stage that is six feet tall and eight feet wide so everyone can see him while he interacts with the audience, tells jokes, and plays games. While the humor in them is G rated, the interactive comedy is written for teens, adults, and children. These shows have been presented at Six Flags Over Texas, Astroworld, The International Wildlife Park, The State Fair of Texas, and many other fairs and festivals. His puppet shows are about fifteen minutes long and are written to happen several times a day. So, if you have children waiting in line for face painting or anything else, this is an excellent way to entertain them. They work best if there are several shows throughout the day.



Bubble Wizard Show

Children love bubbles. Just blow a few bubbles for your children and watch how excited they get. The Bubble Wizard will turn that excitement up to eleven by presenting a show full of bubbles, magic tricks, dragons, and fairies. There will be bubbles inside bubbles, giant bubbles, and more. Webster will introduce the kids to Oliver the Dragon and a whole bunch of fairies. But this isn’t just a show to watch. The kids will get involved. The Bubble Wizard will teach kids how to do their own bubble tricks with things they can find at home. Lots of the routines use helpers, so there are lots of chances for kids to participate. This show is forty-five minutes long.

Strolling Magic

Sometimes, you don’t need an entire show. Sometimes you just need someone to wander around encouraging people to have fun. Even though this is a traveling show, it’s still packed with big visual magic tricks that get kids involved and laughing. There will be tons of audience participation, so the kids become the stars of the show.