Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Interactive Puppet Shows


Children just sit and watch most puppet shows, but everyone will get involved in this performance. This presentation is full of games and routines that get the whole audience will participate in. This is a fifteen-minute show designed to be performed several times a day.


How would you like to fill your event with fun and excitement? Here’s a way to do it with the least amount of hassles. Brett Roberts offers a perfect solution to making your event one that people will be talking about for years to come. How simple is it? All you have to provide is an area for a stage and access to electricity. We will provide the rest.


This video is Brett performing at the State Fair of Texas


Different Puppets for Different Themes


You’ll find characters for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Texas-themed events, and more. These puppet comedians provide interactive entertainment for fairs, festivals, and other events. These programs are family shows, NOT just children’s shows. While the humor in them is G rated, the interactive comedy is written for teens and adults as well as children. These shows have been presented at Six Flags Over Texas, Astroworld, The International Wildlife Park, The State Fair of Texas, and many other fairs and festivals.


"Brett is an amazing performer, and his love for what he does shows in every micro-second of his performance. From the time he arrives on site to when he departs, he remains the consummate professional. I have complete trust in everything he does and never have to think a second thought about him, knowing he will make every moment spectacular. He is truly an entertainer in every sense of the word and he has my undying gratitude and loyalty."

Lydia B. Nance

Allen U.S.A.


The Stage is 8 Feet by 6 Feet


Making People Happy


Want to keep everyone happy? Brett Roberts has provided theme parks and fairs with entertainment for over twenty-five years. He knows how to perform in that unique environment. He will provide a fantastic, family-friendly show that gets the whole audience involved. Audience participation is a key element in this performance. Parents and children love interacting with the puppet characters because the material is written for both adults and children. Your guests get tired while visiting vendor’s booths. A performance is just the thing to let them rest, laugh, and be amazed. This little rest will give everyone enough energy to spend a couple more hours at your event, while they might have just gone home otherwise. Your guests will be happy, so they will stay and spend more time with vendors. This will make all your vendors happy. So, everyone will be satisfied!


Each show is approximately fifteen minutes long, so these shows work best when they can be performed several times a day.


“Thanks so much for a great performance and for adding such a theatrical touch to the party.  I've heard nothing but compliments and rave reviews for Scrooge's appearance.  Also, thanks for making it all so easy.  You're a nice guy.”

Mike Arthur

Coppell Theatre