Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Everyone loves LEGOs! In this LEGO Challenge, Brett leads everyone on a LEGO adventure. While this workshop teaches STEM curriculum, the kids will be having so much fun they won’t notice they are learning. The adventure begins with everyone “making a friend”. In other words, everyone will get to make a LEGO minifigure. Then the children will be given three STEM related projects to do. Each challenge will involve building things for that minifigure including a raft, a bridge, etc. Brett will bring enough supplies for two hundred minifigures and FIFTY pounds of LEGOs. This workshop is designed for kids six and up. But, this is more than just a workshop. It's an event. Brett will challenge them to make STEM related projects and, after the challenge is over, there is LEGO free play, so children will be there for an hour and a half.





Crosscutting Concepts


Scale, proportion, and quantity, Structure and function, Cause and effect: Mechanism and explanation, Scale, proportion, and quantity


Science and Engineering Practices


Asking questions and defining problems

Developing and using models

Planning and carrying out investigations

Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information




Area, Float, Force, Load, Sail, Sink, Stable, Unstable, Stable, Unstable, Load, Weight, Fair, testing, Measuring, Safe, Balance, Mass, Position, Weight,


Common Core State Standards for Mathematics


Mathematical Practice

MP1 Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them

MP5 Use appropriate tools strategically

MP6 Attend to precision

MP7 Look for and make use of structure


Measurement & Data

K.MD.A / 1.MD.A / 1.MD.C / 2.MD.A / 2.MD.D


Writing Standards

W.K.2 / W.1.2 / W.2.2


Speaking and Listening

SL.K.3 / SL.K.6 / SL.1.3 / SL.1.5 / SL.2.1 / SL.2.3



Lego Challenge