Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Professor Pop's Bubble Show


Indoor Bubble Shows


The Science of Bubbles is an entertaining and educational program designed to teach children about the bubbles they see every day but know very little about. It opens with a spectacular demonstration of surface tension. Adding soap to water changes the surface tension and makes it more flexible. The children will see bubbles through bubbles, bubbles on bubbles, and bubbles in bubbles. This flashy demonstration gets the kids excited and ready to see the rest of the show. Children will then learn about the steps to the scientific method. Kids already know that if they touch a bubble, it will pop. This experiment will teach everyone how to touch a bubble without it popping. The next routine encourages kids to use their school library to check out books about science. When children are asked what color a bubble is, they always say that it’s clear or white so they will be shown how bubbles refract light and contain every color in the rainbow. And, for the grand finale, everyone will be shown the biggest bubbles they have every seen. They will even be big enough to put a child inside.


There will be six mats to protect floors. Each one is designed to hold a gallon of liquid without leaking... and he only brings two gallons of liquid.


Lots of audience participation


Outdoor Bubble Shows


So, what's the difference between an indoor bubble show and an outdoor bubble show? Wind would be detrimental to an indoor show while the outdoor bubbles are created by using the wind. The show is performed to music and each routine is only three minutes long, so the performance is fast paced and fun. You'll see giant bubbles, and bubble clusters. There are also routines that use volunteers. Every other routine involves a volunteer. Brett will have kids making bubbles of their own and involved in silly bubble themed skits. This show is thirty minutes long.


Brett uses the ONLY Bubble Soap to be approved by The Department of National Parks, to be used on the South Lawn of The White House. So, it is safe for grass.


The only requirement is room for a 12' x 12' "stage area" and a place for the audience to stand.


If there is bad weather, Brett can perform his Magic for Kids show inside instead.