Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Puppet Circus


Brett Roberts writes a new puppet routine every year and every puppet routine is performed over a hundred times during his summer tour. Puppet Circus is a showcase of the best of those routines. All the routines are under four minutes long and each puppet has a different trick. There is a trapeze swinging monkey, some fun and fast paced magic tricks, a singing lion and more. The different styles of puppetry and slapstick magic tricks make this a very fast paced show. This show is specifically for children 3 – 8 years old.


Children will be encouraged to ready the books The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Toad and the Frog.

This show is packed full of fun songs the children will love.

This performance is approximately thirty minutes long.



“Great show last week.  Very funny, entertaining, and age appropriate, with a good message too!  You don't find many refreshing shows for children these days.”

Dana Ranne

Old Settlers Elementary