Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Strolling Entertainment


If you are having a fair, festival, carnival, or another large event, you may need something other than a show. Brett offers lots of strolling entertainment. These strolling characters will interact with families one on one.




The Bubble Wagon



The Bubble Wagon is a smaller, more portable version of the Professor Pop Bubble Show. It has two bubble machines that work constantly, and Brett will amaze everyone with giant bubbles.




The Giant Jester


The Giant Jester is a twelve-foot-tall puppet that absolutely everyone at your event will be able to see. He’s a jester, so he’s appropriate for any event from Christmas to Halloween, to any carnival setting.




The Strolling Puppet Stage

Children Love talking to puppets. With this stage, children can not only talk to a puppet but they get to play games with it. There are several interactive games Brett can use to get everyone involved. Brett can use different puppets to fit different themes.




The Delivery Elf


This crazy elf is carrying way too many packages. They look like they could fall any minute. Even though the packages wobble back and forth, they never fall. Everyone will laugh every time he almost drops them.