Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids


2020 Summer Shows

Two shows will be available for the June and July of 2020!

The outdoor bubble show will not be available during June and July.


The Bubble Wizard


Children love bubbles. Just blow a few bubbles for your children and watch how excited they get. The Bubble Wizard will turn that excitement up to eleven by presenting a whole show full of bubble tricks. There will be bubbles inside bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles, and more. But this isn’t just a show to watch. The kids will get involved. The Bubble Wizard will teach kids how to do their own bubble tricks with things they can find at home. Every other routine uses helpers, so there are lots of chances for kids to participate.


• There will be six mats to protect floors. Each one is designed to hold a gallon of liquid without leaking.

• Lots of audience participation

• Children are encouraged to check out books

• This show teaches science and the scientific method










The Magic Wizard


Want to have some fun? This is the place to look! This wild and fast paced magic show is guaranteed to keep everyone laughing.  Children will be encouraged to check out books and take care of those books while they are checked out. But kids won’t just sit back and laugh. They will get involved. This performance is packed full of audience participation and, while some magicians make volunteers look foolish, The Magic Wizard makes his helpers the stars of the show. There are lots of chances for kids to help. In fact, the grand finally has a stage full of helpers.


• Children are the stars of the show.

• Lots of audience participation.

• Children will be encouraged to check out books and they will be taught how to take care of them.