Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

2023 Summer Shows


There will be two shows available for June and July of 2023!
















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Colors of Kindness Bubble Show


The Colors of Kindness Bubble show teaches tolerance, encourages kids not to be bullies, and the science of bubbles. This show has brand-new bubble effects, so if you've seen bubble shows before, get ready for something new. It opens with a spectacular demonstration of surface tension. Adding soap to water changes the surface tension and makes it more flexible. The children will see bubbles through bubbles, bubbles on bubbles, and bubbles in bubbles. This flashy demonstration gets the kids excited and ready to see the rest of the show. There are lots of crayon magic tricks and a hilarious red crayon puppet that will teach kids to respect one another. Kids already know that if they touch a bubble, it will pop. This experiment will teach everyone how to touch a bubble without it popping. The following routine encourages kids to use their library to check out books about science. When children are asked what color a bubble is, they always say it's clear or white, so they will be shown how bubbles refract light and contain every color in the rainbow. And, for the grand finale, everyone will see the biggest bubbles they have ever seen. This is the most colorful presentation ever. It's packed with crayons, magic, puppets and rainbow-colored bubbles.


There will be six mats to protect the floors. Each one is designed to hold a gallon of liquid without leaking,

and Brett only brings two gallons of liquid.





Colors of Kindness Magic Show


The Colors of Kindness Magic show is a new kind of performance that uses everyone as volunteers. This colorful show teaches tolerance and encourages kids not to be bullies. The problem with most magic shows is that only a few kids get to come up on stage to participate. Not everyone gets to help. In this show, everyone helps! Everyone will get to be a volunteer. This colorful performance has everything you would expect in a magic show. It has magic tricks that will make you amazed and make you laugh. It has a red crayon puppet that makes an appearance and does a silly slapstick routine. There will be games between the audience and the magician, and everyone in the audience will get to participate. Kids will even learn how to do a magic trick they can do for their friends. This isn't just a magic show to watch. It's a magic show where everyone will get involved.