Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Bob Warr's Cowboy Magic Show


This show is performed every year at the State Fair of Texas!


Join Bob Warr cooking cowboy as he prepares his gourmet grub. Chuck wagon cooks were part of our American heritage. It was their job to feed all the cowboys while they were herding cattle.  This interactive magic show shows what it was like to prepare a cowboy meal. But the real focus is on kids. They are the stars of the show. Most of the magic routines have kids up on the stage helping make the magic happen and some of the magic tricks have everyone helping. This cowboy cooking show will not only amaze the kids with magic but everyone will get to learn how to perform a magic trick too. That way they can amaze their friends when they get home. And, for the grand finally, Bob will get help from his friend Chester the rattle snake. Chester will jump high in the air catching a card, which will make the audience jump too. This family friendly, cowboy magic show is guaranteed fun for kids and adults too!


“Kudos to you for a very professional, exciting, JUST RIGHT performance! I only heard positive comments about your program. Both children and parents responded with delight to your antics, which were fast paced and interesting. We were happy with your educational incites. We would be happy to recommend you anytime you needed such. “

Betty Cook

Layland Museum