Brett Roberts | The Comedian for Kids

Virtual Shows


Webster the Wizard



This is a virtual show full of bubbles, dragons, and fairies! Webster the Wizard will make sure everyone has a fantastic time by presenting a whole show full of bubble tricks, magic tricks, puppets, and storytelling. There will be bubbles inside bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles, and more. Webster will teach kids how to do their own bubble tricks with things they can find at home, and he will also teach them how to perform magic. Kids will love Oliver the Dragon and all the fairies that help Webster with his show. This is a fun and fast-paced show with something new happening every few minutes.

Dr. Flake-n-stein’s Spooky Experiments

Are you ready for some spooky fun!? Dr. Flake-n-stein has brought a whole bunch of scientific experiments to share with you virtually. All these experiments are fun to do. All these experiments use things that you probably already have around the house. All these experiments teach scientific principles. And, none of these experiments are messy or dangerous. Dr. Flake-n-stein will demonstrate how he does the experiment then you will get a lesson plan so you can do the same experiment at home. And, just for fun, you’ll get to meet all his spooky friends along the way. This show is full of puppets, digital puppets, and lots of science.

Professor Pop’s Bubble Show

Everyone loves bubbles! In this virtual program, Professor Pop will explain the science behind bubbles. He’ll demonstrate how bubbles are created, why they are spheres, and how they refract color. All the bubble tricks he does can be performed by everyone watching, with some practice. This isn’t just an educational program. It has animated and puppet segments to keep the show fast-paced and fun. People always ask about Professor Pop’s secret bubble formula. He will give the recipe for not only one but two bubbles fluids. One is for normal bubbles, and the other is for giant bubbles. The accompanying booklet will show how to make bubbles with your hands, two bubble tools, and how to put a toy in a bubble.

Make Your Own Magic

Make Your Own Magic will be the virtual program for the summer of 2021. This virtual program will show you how to make a magic show out of PAPER! Several of these magic tricks are routines that professional magicians do. You don’t have to worry about trying to remember how to do the tricks when you see them done in the program. You’ll get a magic booklet that will show you how to do twenty activities out of paper. You’ll see ten magic tricks performed in the virtual program, and there are ten more magic tricks and papercrafts in the booklet. You can print the booklet and do the activities anytime you like. All you will need are supplies you probably have around the house, like paper, scissors, a pen, and tape.




Virtual Christmas Show


























Are you ready for some fun?! This interactive holiday program is full of puppets, magic, and music. Sunny the Surfing Snowman hosts this fast-paced show that is guaranteed to keep kids attention. Every Christmas routine is short and silly. Most routines are just a few minutes long, so everyone will keep watching. There are several silly, slapstick puppet skits with Brett performing with a snowman, a penguin, and a gingerbread man. Each of these routines has been performed before live audiences and always gets lots of laughs. One special routine reminds kids how to properly wash their hands. But the show isn't all puppets. Not only will Brett perform some magic, but the kids will be taught how they can perform magic tricks using things they probably have around their house this time of the year, like wrapping paper, candy canes, tape, ribbon, etc. There is even a booklet that will show the kids how to perform the tricks that are taught in the show. That way, they can practice them at their own pace.