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Selecting the right entertainer for your children's event is of utmost importance. Whether it's a birthday party, library program, school assembly, company picnic, church event, or another occasion, you want your kids to have a wonderful time! Your event isn't the place for a part-timer--you need an experienced children's professional!


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“Thank you for all your hard work! I can say that you know how to draw in a crowd, you work well with a crowd full of several different personalities, you always arrive on time, and you are always very positive.“

Kathleen Bartek

The State Fair of Texas


"This letter is to thank you for the wonderful magic you provided at our -Kids at Heart – Texas! event. I was able to speak with a few children in attendance who were thrilled and amazed by your magic abilities. They believed you were the "coolest" part of the whole event. Forget the bounce houses, games and candy! We appreciated your professionalism and are so very glad you were able to accommodate our request to stay an extra hour to continue entertaining the children..."

Courtney Lewis

Kids at Heart – Texas


Brett Roberts is the answer you've been looking for! Brett is known as one of the TOP children's entertainers in Texas! He even conducts workshops where he teaches other performers how to entertain.


You'll find children's shows specifically for your needs. Just click the "Shows" link above and see the different themed performances. He has a show that's perfect for you. And, rest assured, no matter what type of event you're having, you'll get a fantastic show.


"Better than Money Back Five Star Guarantee!"

  1. To respond promptly to all emails, and to deliver any paperwork to you quickly.
  2. To give you a confirmation email several days before your event.
  3. To not only be on time, but to arrive EARLY at your event, so you don't have to worry.
  4. To deliver a FANTASTIC show that will please your guests and make you look like a hero!
  5. To not accept his fee if you feel he has disappointed you. (Don't worry, he's never had to do this! But he does stand behind his show).


"Brett is an amazing performer, and his love for what he does shows in every micro-second of his performance. From the time he arrives on site to when he departs, he remains the consummate professional. I have complete trust in everything he does and never have to think a second thought about him, knowing he will make every moment spectacular. This year he showed his adeptness at thinking on his feet and adapting to the situation; staying true to the old saying "the show must go on". When our event was rained out, he went to the safety area during a thunderstorm and entertained from there, making a potentially scary and stressful time for the kids an enjoyable one. This he entered into without being asked and with a great big smile. He is truly the kids' entertainer in every sense of the word and he has my undying gratitude and loyalty."

Lydia B. Nance

Allen U.S.A.


How do you book a show?


Brett has made it amazingly easy to book a performance! Instead of playing phone tag, He has set it up so you can book a show immediately. Just click the link below. That's where you'll find his calendar, a mileage chart, and a contract. Sending him an email or filling out the contract sends an alert to his phone so that Brett can take care of you right away.



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